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Hello Friends and Family!

Welcome to our family website! Thank you for visiting.
You can get anywhere in the site by clicking on the links above. Check out what we've been up to. I post in the Blog pretty often about all the latest events going on around us. Also, I love to take pictures of... well... everything. We post pictures of our family events in the photo albums for all to see and comment on.

Our Little Bundle

Our little one has arrived!! Clint Anthony was born April 23 and we couldn't be happier. Yes, he did arrive over a month early but is healthy and thriving. Check out the latest baby photos of Clint in the Photo Gallery.
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So many fun activities, so little time

We have all been very busy on our household. Jason is working on his cars when he has time. Trenton has been playing and creating video games, he's in the 8th grade now at a whole new school. Brianna has been working hard at this website and taking pictures for everyone's amusement.

Be sure to check out the calendar for all our spectacular upcoming events. After all of these events, be sure to check out the Photo Gallery to see all the fun and excitement.

Calendar of Events

Please check the calendar at the bottom of the page for all our family outings and events. Is the whole calendar too much information? Want to just see the upcoming events? Check out the right sidebar to see the list of closest upcoming events. Call us if you know of something that you think we might be interested in.

Our Blog

I've been posting all about our latest events and adventures. This is the most up to date information avout all our baby updates, vacation reviews, picture postings, and anything else interesting enough to be post worthy. Y'know, stuff you might actually care about.
So look up at the links above, click on Our Blog, and check out my latest postings.

Please check out the blog for all my latest announcements.
--Brianna, your web hostess

Calendar of Events

Please check out our events and adventures below. If you want to partake in any of them or just want more information, give us a call!

If you can't see the calendar above, click here to view it on a new page.

Engagement Pictures


Upcoming Events

What's this all about?

This website is meant to keep everyone up to date and in touch with us. You can find out what we've planned for our future outings and find out about the latest adventures.

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